DEPTH CHART: Week 4 vs. Georgia State – Kasen Williams, Coleman Shelton, Marcus Peters, and Sidney Jones

Wide receiver, Kasen Williams, makes a spectacular one-handed catch on a two-point conversion against EWU.

Wide receiver, Kasen Williams, makes a spectacular one-handed catch on a two-point conversion against EWU.

Key Thoughts:

  • Kasen Williams seems to have fully recovered from the broken leg he suffered last year, and as a result has risen to the top of the depth chart. In Coach Pete’s weekly Monday press conference he said that a deliberate effort will be made to get the ball to Williams more often moving forward. Williams is a veteran receiver with big play potential and the Huskies need him to step up.
  • Sliding down the wide receiver depth chart is Marvin Hall Jr. Hall has been listed as the starter the past three games and is now listed as the third string at that same position. When asked about the shake-up at the wide receiver position, Coach Pete said it is simply to reward the players that practice hard and deserve more reps during the games. The beneficiaries of this will certainly be Kasen Williams as well as true freshman Dante Pettis.
  • Senior right tackle, Ben Riva, is listed as the backup for the Huskies week 4 matchup against Georgia State. Riva has been battling a nagging injury throughout the first four weeks of the season. His replacement will continue to be redshirt freshman, Coleman Shelton, who has impressed the coaches with his performances.
  • Marcus Peters has rejoined the Husky Football team after serving his one-week suspension due to his sideline meltdown against Eastern Washington in week 2. Peters is still listed as the starting cornerback; however, don’t read too much into that as he was also listed as the starter last week even though he didn’t play a single snap. Husky Nation hopes that the talented Peters can find his way out of Coach Pete’s doghouse and have a bounce back performance against Georgia State.
  • Redshirt freshman cornerback, Jermaine Kelly, will likely miss the remainder of the season due to a freak injury in practice. Kelly underwent surgery yesterday morning to repair his broken ankle. This is a huge loss for the Huskies already-vulnerable secondary as Kelly was the starting corner opposite Marcus Peters. Fortunately, his injury occurred within the first four games of the season and therefore he will most likely get a season of eligibility back from the NCAA through a medical redshirt. In other words, Kelly will likely be a freshman eligibility-wise again next season.
  • True freshman cornerback, Sidney Jones, has stepped up in a big way and has performed admirably as Kelly’s replacement. With Kelly out for the rest of the season, expect Jones to run with this opportunity and be a consistent presence in the defensive backfield.
  • Backup quarterback, Jeff Lindquist, has been named the starting holder for place-kicking duties. Throughout the first three weeks punter, Korey Durkee, has held all of the kicks. Don’t be surprised if you see a fake field goal or fake PAT at some point this season. With Coach Pete’s knack for trick plays, Jeff Lindquist is the perfect holder as he is a capable passer and runner.




Cyler Miles (6-4 225 lbs; Redshirt Sophomore)

Jeff Lindquist (6-3 246 lbs; Redshirt Sophomore)

Troy Williams (6-2 194 lbs; Redshirt Freshman)

Running Backs:

Dwayne Washington (6-2 219 lbs; Redshirt Sophomore)

Lavon Coleman (5-11 217 lbs; Redshirt Freshman) –OR-

Jesse Callier (5-10 206 lbs; Senior) –OR-

Deontae Cooper (5-11 199 lbs; Senior)

Wide Receiver #1:

Kasen Williams (6-3 217 lbs; Senior)

Dante Pettis (6-0 177 lbs; Freshman)

Marvin Hall (5-10 188 lbs; Junior)

Left Tackle:

Micah Hatchie (6-5 306 lbs; Senior)

Jake Eldrenkamp (6-5 292 lbs; Redshirt Sophomore)

Left Guard:

Dexter Charles (6-5 311 lbs; Junior)

Siosifa Tufunga (6-3 321 lbs; Junior)


Colin Tanigawa (6-3 292 lbs; Senior)

Mike Criste (6-6 319 lbs; Senior)

Right Guard:

James Atoe (6-7 381 lbs; Senior)

Ross Dolbec (6-5 313 lbs; Junior)

Right Tackle:

Coleman Shelton (6-4 281 lbs; Redshirt Freshman)

Ben Riva (6-7 313 lbs; Senior)

Tight End:

Darrell Daniels (6-4 234 lbs; Sophomore) –OR-

Michael Hartvigson (6-6 251 lbs; Senior)

Slot Receiver:

Jaydon Mickens (5-11 174 lbs; Junior)

John Ross III (5-11 179 lbs; Sophomore)

Kendyl Taylor (5-10 202 lbs; Redshirt Sophomore)

Wide Receiver #2:

DiAndre Campbell (6-2 206 lbs; Senior)

John Ross III (5-11 179 lbs; Sophomore)

Brayden Lenius (6-5 217 lbs; Freshman)



Defensive End:

Andrew Hudson (6-3 246 lbs; Senior)

Joe Mathis (6-2 250 lbs; Sophomore)

Will Dissly (6-4 273 lbs; Freshman)

Defensive Tackle:

Evan Hudson (6-6 273 lbs; Senior)

Taani Tupou (6-2 282 lbs; Junior)

Nose Tackle:

Danny Shelton (6-2 339 lbs; Senior)

Elijah Qualls (6-1 311 lbs; Redshirt Freshman)

Greg Gaines (6-1 321 lbs; Freshman)

 “Buck” End:

Hau’oli Kikaha (6-3 246 lbs; Senior)

Jarret Finau (6-3 261 lbs; Junior)

Psalm Wooching (6-4 225 lbs; Sophomore)

Outside Linebacker #1:

Travis Feeney (6-4 218 lbs; Junior)

Keishawn Bierria (6-1 221 lbs; Redshirt Freshman)

Middle Linebacker:

John Timu (6-1 246 lbs; Senior)

Scott Lawyer (6-2 225 lbs; Junior)

Azeem Victor (6-3 244 lbs; Redshirt Freshman)

Outside Linebacker #2:

Shaq Thompson (6-1 228 lbs; Junior)

Corey Littleton (6-3 229 lbs; Junior)

Sean Constantine (6-2 224 lbs; Redshirt Freshman)

Cornerback #1:

Marcus Peters (6-0 190 lbs; Junior)

Travell Dixon (6-1 195 lbs; Senior) –OR-

Naijel Hale (5-10 171 lbs; Freshman)

Cornerback #2:

Sidney Jones (6-0 171 lbs; Freshman)

Darren Gardenhire (5-11 173 lbs; Freshman)

Free Safety:

Kevin King (6-3 183 lbs; Sophomore)

Trevor Walker (5-11 186 lbs; Sophomore)

Strong Safety:

Budda Baker (5-10 173 lbs; Freshman)

Brandon Beaver (6-0 192 lbs; Sophomore) –OR-

Brian Clay (6-1 196 lbs; Junior)


Special Teams:


Korey Durkee (6-4 230 lbs; Junior)

Tristan Vizcaino (6-2 210 lbs; Freshman)


Cameron Van Winkle (5-10 180 lbs; Sophomore) –OR-

Tristan Vizcaino (6-2 210 lbs; Freshman)


Ryan Masel (6-1 199 lbs; Junior)

Evan Hudson (6-6 273 lbs; Senior)


Jeff Lindquist (6-3 246 lbs; Redshirt Sophomore)

Korey Durkee (6-4 230 lbs; Junior)

Punt Return:

Dante Pettis (6-0 177 lbs; Freshman)

Jaydon Mickens (5-11 174 lbs; Junior)

Kick Return:

John Ross III (5-11 179 lbs; Sophomore)

Budda Baker (5-10 173 lbs; Freshman)


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