Houston Astros at Seattle Mariners Preview

Please don't cause us too much trouble.

Please don’t cause us too much trouble.




            MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 8 AT 7:10PM PDT

            TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 9 AT 7:10PM PDT

            WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 10 AT 7:10 PDT




  9/9 –  C. McHUGH, RHP (HOU) VS. R. ELIAS, LHP (SEA)




Seattle: 6-4

Houston: 7-3

Jose Altuve the Baseball Elf and his band of misfits have been playing pests to a few teams in the playoff race as of late. They just took two of three from the A’s and just before that they swept the Angels in a two game series. They are a team that have surprised many and found a way to keep themselves out of the cellar (despite getting some help from the injury-wrought Rangers). Between Altuve’s all-star season and some timely hitting from the others, they have been quite helpful for the M’s. Unfortunately, it is Felix’s duty tonight to shut down the Astros and help keep us above the Royals and Tigers – who are beating each other up in a series themselves – so that we may continue our pursuit of Wild Card glory.


The M’s are currently in a position to usurp the A’s and possibly get the first AL Wild Card spot, now standing only 2 games behind. Winning at least two games here is crucial, but a sweep would be even bigger. Houston’s surprise ace Dallas Keuchel (who shut out the Mariners earlier this season) pitched yesterday thankfully, leaving us with the sub-par Peacock (5.01 ERA, 0.2 WAR), the pretty-decent McHugh (2.89 ERA, 2.9 WAR), and the freshly-called-up Tropeano. Not facing any lefties is going to be big for us in trying to pull off the sweep (though we do fare decently against them). The biggest challenge will likely be earning enough run support to ensure Elias can pull off a win as he has been especially shaky since the all-star break.


This is the final stretch and we need to try and navigate through these last twenty games if we want to see what the city hasn’t seen from the M’s in a long time. If you have a spare $15, make it down to a game! The atmosphere is something we are known for as Seattle fans and the guys need all the support they can get. It’s been an exciting, wild ride for this team and we have a good chance of making something of it.


Go Mariners.


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