Mariners at Detroit Tigers Preview


This weekend we will see Robby's first appearance against the Tigers as a Mariner.

This weekend we will see Robby’s first appearance against the Tigers as a Mariner.



            FRIDAY, AUGUST 15 AT 4:08PM PDT

            SATURDAY, AUGUST 16 AT 4:08PM PDT

            SUNDAY, AUGUST 17 AT 10:08AM PDT




  8/17 –  C. YOUNG, RHP (SEA) VS. R. RAY, LHP (DET)


Seattle: 8-2

Detroit: 4-6

The Mariners are coming off of their 9 game homestand red hot, crashing their way back into some top 10 power rankings and playing some all-around good baseball. They capitalized on weak Braves and White Sox teams and even managed to sweep (read: destroy) an excellent Blue Jays squad. I managed to catch Felix’s start this past Monday and can attest that the atmosphere in Safeco is ELECTRIC. The M’s are playing meaningful baseball in August and you can feel the excitement from both the fans and players. Many players who have been struggling offensively in the first half have been playing very well since and need to keep that momentum for the team to succeed.

Detroit, on the other hand, has been seeing tough times as of late and is starting to show glimpses of being a mediocre team. As a part-time Tigers fan (Washingtonian living in Michigan), it still pains me a bit to see the 2014 Tigers suffer serious setbacks in their lineup and rotation. Justin Verlander 2014-edition has posted a lower fWAR than Drew Smyly (2.1 vs. 2.4) and is pitching like someone who rushed post-surgery recovery. Additionally, Detroit is down the spectacular Anibal Sanchez and is barely making it by with a horrible bullpen. Joe Nathan and the gang (save for Joba) have been converting Detroit fans into Yankees fans with some masterfully blown leads. Aside from pitching, the Tigers are seeing some hard offensive times as Miguel Cabrera is also not playing like the MVP he has been for most of his career. However, the man still does come through with clutch hits from time to time so he is not to be counted out at any time.

The marquee matchup for this series will be Saturday as Felix faces off with David Price – their first duel – in what will be a surefire pitchoff. The keys for the Mariners in this series is to knock out the starting pitching as quickly as possible by taking long at-bats and driving up pitch counts. The Detroit bullpen almost guarantees runs, and if our pitching can stave off the likes of Kinsler, Martinez, and Martinez they should be in good shape.

This series is going to be HUGE as these teams are currently battling for the second wild card spot, and it looks like the M’s have a good shot of at least taking two of three. This is Seattle baseball in August and it MATTERS, folks. Get excited. Get fired up. It’s 2014 and the Mariners have a shot to play some playoff baseball.



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