Mariners at Cleveland Indians Preview

Hopefully we see him making this face all week.

Hopefully we see him making this face all week.



            Tuesday, July 29 at 7:05pm ET

            Wednesday, July 30 at 7:05pm ET

            Thursday, July 31 at 7:05pm ET



  7/29 –  H. Iwakuma, RHP (SEA)  vs. T. Bauer, RHP (CLE)


  7/30 –  F. Hernandez, RHP (SEA) vs. C. Kluber, RHP (CLE)


  7/31  –  C. Young, RHP (SEA) vs. Z. McAllister, RHP (CLE)



Seattle:             3-7

Cleveland:      4-6

Both the Mariners and the Indians have been struggling since the All-Star break and both are in the race for the second wild card spot. The Mariners have an advantage in their lefty-heavy lineup facing three right handed starters for every game. However there IS a history of disaster whenever the Mariners head to Cleveland, so we all have to cross our fingers and make sure to poke our Nick Swisher voodoo dolls.

If the M’s can bust the slump and win the next two games we may be right back in the mix as buyers at the deadline. If we drop both games, then Jack Z might be pulling us out of the market. Although as we have heard recently, Jack may still be in control for some weird reason.


I’ll be at the game tonight so make sure to check back tomorrow for some pictures of Progressive and hopefully some pictures of our guys.




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